Kramer Curve Calf Snare


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The Kramer Curve Obstetric Snare is designed to relieve a dystocia by allowing the veterinarian to independently apply the desired amount of traction when needed. It helps veterinarians to avoid arm and shoulder strain by using their leg muscles to apply traction.
1. While holding the snare handle with your free hand, position the loop of the snare over the lower jaw or foot of the fetus.
2. Tighten the snare loop.
3. Place the curved rod behind your neck and position the handle so it can be easily grasped with your free hand.
4. Holding the handle and the snare loop securely, bend your knees slightly downward.
5. Take up the remaining slack in the cable loop and tension the cable by adjusting the position of the snare handle.
6. Guide the head or limb into the birth canal as you apply traction by straightening up underneath the curved rod. The force and timing of the pull is completely under your control. Little exertion is required to hold the handle and apply traction. Often a gentle upward pull is all that is needed to position the fetal head or limb to enable normal delivery.

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