Ligafiba 250lb. x 500mm



LigaFiba. After “fiber” an extremely strong surgical suture material. It is composed entirely of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It is the same hard wearing material that is used for acetubular cups in hip replacements. Weight for weight it is 15 times stronger than steel and 2.5 times stronger than nylon. It has very good abrasion characteristics which are important in hostile environments such as lateral sutures and hip toggles.
LigaFiba braided polyethylene fiber. Sutures may be threaded through bone tunnels posi- tioned at isometric points. The LigaFiba Iso Toggle systems uses bone tunnels and is de- scribed in detail in a separate brochure and CD. Available for viewing at
The isometric points used are as follows:
– Femur: just cranial to and just distal to the lateral fabella close to the caudal border of
the femoral condyle. The tunnel is drilled from lateral to medial from the isometric
– Tibia: tubercle of Gurdy just cranial to the Long Digital Extensor. The tibial bone tunnel
is drilled from lateral to medial from the tubercle of Gurdy. The suture is pulled through the tunnels from the medial tibia and tied over toggle buttons creating a very strong lateral suture between two isometric points.
The terminology for the size replacement configuration has been updated and no longer refers to the lbs test.

LigaFiba suture material only. Sterile package.
Formerly 250lb. now metric 6 and USP 4, 500mm, dogs <20kg

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in