LigaFiba Iso Toggle Suture, 250 lb


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LigaFiba Iso toggle suture. A newer technique for extra capsular repair of CCL damage uses a bone tunnel between isometric point on the femur. A set of small toggles are used instead of passage through the fabella ligament. The LigaFiba is passed through the bone tunnel with an attached straight needle.

– If two points, one on the distal femur and one on the proximal tibia are isometric, as the stifle is flexed and extended the distance between the two points remains constant.

– The location points we use for the lateral suture system are not isometric but are very convenient for suture placement. Lack of isometry contributes to early loop failure. Using bone tunnels and the research of Simon Roe (VCOT 2008) we can place a LigaFiba suture across the stifle in an isometric position.

LigaFiba Suture is also available as a hip toggle suture and as sterile pre-cut length for ligament repairs, e.g. collaterals.

LigaFiba Iso toggle suture 250 lb test (dogs up to 50lbs)

Bone tunnel use J0372cx 2.5mm drill.

Step by step guidelines available. The LigaFiba can be readily tied by the toggle button. Toggle buttons also available separately.

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