MAD Nasal™ and MADgic® Atomization Devices


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MAD Nasal™ Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device

Medication Delivery
-Many water soluble medications can be safely administeredintranasally. Micron particle size is 30-100 microns.
Rapidly Effective
-The atomized particles are the optimal size for rapidabsorption across mucosal membranes into the bloodstream.
Needle Free
-Provides painless, non-invasive rapid delivery.
Controlled Administration
-Malleable tip atomizes in any position which helps withnon-compliant patients. No sterile technique is required.
Vial Adapter (Optional)
-The vial adapter has an end spike to penetrate rubber cap ofmedication vial


MADgic® Laryngo-Tracheal Mucosal Atomization Device

-With the MADgic® laryngo-tracheal mucosal atomization device, clinicians are able to select the exact dosing required formedications, including topical anesthetics and other drugs approved for intranasal or oropharyngeal delivery. The malleablestylet allows for precise, targeted delivery specific to patient’s anatomy.



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MAD (w/o syringe), MAD (w/ 3ml syringe & vial adapter), MAD (w/ 3ml syringe), MADgic (w/o syringe), MADgic (w/ 5ml syringe