Manometer for Non-Rebreathing Anesthesia Circuits, 25cm H2O


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An important anesthesia parameter is monitoring the proper airway pressure in the patient. A Manometer is a standard piece of equipment on all anesthesia machine used to measure this pressure in CMs of H2O. However, the Manometer on an anesthesia machine is not utilized on non-breathing circuits as it is bypassed.

Non rebreathing circuits are used on smaller more fragile patients. There is a higher risk of inadvertent alveoli damage or barotrauma when “bagging” or manually ventilating a patient. There have been cases of pneumothorax. The flush valve on an anesthesia machine will immediately push up oxygen flow to 15L at 50psi into a small non breathing circuit. The new in line manometer gives accurate airway pressure to avoid harmful over inflation, but still ensure adequate ventilation is achieved.

Non-rebreathing Circuit with Manometer Incuded

• Works on common non-rebreathing circuits

• Simple to use – detach rebreathing bag and insert Manometer (directions included)

Manometer – ONLY

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2.5 × 2 in
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