Mega-VID Camera Wifi


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MegaVID WiFi Camera. The MegaVID WiFi 12MP camera is our highest resolution camera, operating at 5GHz WiFi frequency for maximum speed (4000 x 3000 @ 30fps). The MegaVID can be mounted to nearly any microscope that supports trinocular
C-mount, and it connects via WiFi to any iOS or Android device through the LW Scientific app. Utilize the MegaVID WiFi to its fullest capabilities using the included software to connect to any PC via USB, and to any 4K TV or Projector via HDMI. The MegaVID WiFi has many applications but is best suited for teaching, training, and educating clients and students.
Connections: USB HDMI WiFi LAN Performance: 12 mp @ 30 fps
• Take the microscope image to the client, not the client to the microscope
• Mounts onto ANY trinocular microscope with C-mount
• Stream live images to multiple devices at the same time
• Live video to any hand-held device, PC, or HDTV
• LW Scientific App available on iOS and Android
• LW Scientific Software included for PC
• Not recommended for use on stereoscopes
J0822mv12 MegaVID WiFi 12mp C-mount Camera