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This newly designed ICU is a must have for any veterinary hospital that aims to provide quality care to critically ill patients. Our Multi-Functional Care Unit is a cost-effective solution for care providers in need of providing, post- natal care, post-surgical care, avian and exotic care, respiratory care, and an overall comforting and therapeutic environment for critically ill.

  • Controlled Temperature Settings
  • Controlled Humidity Settings
  • Oxygen Monitoring Functions
  • 10 Stage Therapeutic Lights
  • UV Disinfection Lighting
  • Negative Ion Generator
  • Optional Nebulization

Controlled Temperature

-Each unit comes with programmable and adjustable temperature settings that range from 59°F-102°F. The unit quickly heats to your desired temperature within 5-20 minutes. Controlled Humidity. The programable and adjustable humidity settings vary from 40% humidity to 80% humidity with a very easy to use water tank. The LED display will alert you to low water levels in the water reservoir.

Oxygen Monitors

-Integrated into the ICU is an oxygen sensor. You can set the sensor to alert you should the oxygen levels within the unit go below your desired concentration. This unit is designed to monitor oxygen levels, not actually control them (the level of oxygen can’t be adjusted by the unit itself).  Membrane Touch Controls Nebulizer. An external nebulizer can be fully integrated into this machine’s functions. You will be able to set nebulization for 10- or 20-minute intervals using the unit’s control panel. (Optional)

Therapeutic Lighting

-This multi-functional care unit is also equipped with 10 stage amber lighting, allowing you to provide a therapeutic environment for all your pet patients. Negative ION Generation. This machine also has the capability of creating negative ions. Useful for creating a healing environment.

UV lighting

-Included in the functions of this machine is an Ultraviolet disinfection light, allowing you to help maintain an environment that is sanitary and free from any cross contamination.

Easy to Clean

-With easy to remove floor grate and drain pan, we have made this unit very easy to clean. Just a slight pull of the bottom tray will make cleaning animal waste easy.


Each machine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for all parts and labor of 1 year.


This unit has been engineered and built to make it very easy to replace and update the components should the need arise.


This product is not available for free shipping.

This item is oversized.  Additional Shipping charges may be required depending on your location.





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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 35 in