OnGuard™ Tevadaptor™ Syringe Adaptor


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OnGuardTM Contained Medication System with Tevadaptor™ Components
A next-generation system that helps protect you from exposure to hazardous drugs and is proven to meet the NIOSH definition1 of a closed system drug transfer device in actual drug testing with antineoplastic agents.
Protection you can feel, hear and trust.
• Provides tactile and audible feedback to help confirm connection security.
• NIOSH-compliant passive safety technology promotes needlestick prevention.
• Provides containment and sterility with Toxi-Guard™ Activated Charcoal Drug Binding Matrix and integral 0.2
micron air-sterilizing hydrophobic membrane.
• Components are Latex-free and DEHP-free.

Easy, intuitive design won’t slow you down.
• Easy to learn with fewer components and steps.
• Integrates easily into your current practice.
• Supports compliance with USP <797>, NIOSH and ASHP recommendations for handling hazardous drugs.
• Safely contains drug in liquid, gaseous, and particulate form during admixture, transport, administration and disposal.

Tevadaptor™ Syringe Adaptor for use with luer lock syringes. Enables closed fluid transfers using a syringe and various Tevadaptor™ components through dedicated device connections. DEHP-free. Latex-free.

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