Atraumatic Blunt Tip Cannulas


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JorVet is offering a range of feeding needles, blunt tip needles, and Olive tip cannulas for a variety of clinical applications where a sharp point is not suitable or desired.
These blunt needles come in a variety of sizes from small to large plus different materials from malleable polypropylene to more rigid polymer or stainless steel shaft. All have female luer lock fittings to readily pair with standard syringes.


– Feeding needles for oral administration of liquids
– Wound flushing/irrigation
– Anal sac infusion
– Male cat urethral flush
– Lacrimal duct irrigation

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Oral Blunt Sterile Cannula – 13G x 6cm 2 Pk, Oral Sterile Blunt Cannula – 13G x 6cm 10 Pk, Blunt Open Tip Cannula – 16G x 5cm 5 Pk, Blunt Open Tip Cannula – 18G x 3.75cm 5 Pk, Blunt Open Tip Cannula – 20G x 3.75cm 5pk, Atraumatic Blunt Tip Cannulas – Variety Pack of 20 (5 each)