Orthopedic Surgical Pack


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This Orthopedic Surgical Pack provides every piece of surgical instrumentation to get started with orthopedic procedures with an emphasis on IM pins and cerclage wires. Includes:
J0214L Jacob’s Hand Chuck.
J0250 IM Bone Pin Bag.
J0250n K-Wires 0.045″/1.1mm (6).
J0250p K-Wires 0.062″/1.6mm (6).
J0228b Osteotome.
J0107 Gigli Wire.
J0107h Gigli Wire Handles (2).
J0222 Bone Curette #0.
J0243 Senn Retractors (2).
J0241 Weitlaner Retractor.
J0159L Kern’s Bone Holding Clamp.
J0159 Mini Kern’s Bone Holding Clamp.
J0218 Cerclage Wire Twister and Cutter.
J0260b Cerclage Wire. 20g x 10mm.
J0260c Cerclage Wire. 22g x 10mm.
J0209f Forman Bone Rasp.
J0220ba Pin Cutter.
J0226q Freer Elevator.
J0224f Friedman Ronguer.
J0251b Part Thread Bone Pin. 5/64″ (2).
J0251c Part Thread Bone Pin. 3/32″ (2).
J0251d Part Thread Bone Pin. 7/64″ (2).
J0251e Part Thread Bone Pin. 1/8″ (2).
J0251f Part Thread IM Pin. 9/64″ (2).
J0251a Part Thread IM Pin. 1/16″ (2).
J0228m Gerzog Mallet.

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