Oxygen/Rescue Masks 5 Sizes in Kit Box


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These oxygen masks are the preferred design for rescue or oxygen therapy for small animals, i.e. smoke inhalation or respiratory distress.  The masks are a tough, clear polycarbonate with an expandable rubber diaphragm that fits comfortably over the animal’s muzzle.

– Orange side port helps prevent CO2 buildup
– Two size of connections for oxygen hookup
*Small male post allows standard clear plastic oxygen tubing to fit snugly
*22mm i.d. female port, by removing small post, hooks up to Ambu bag or anesthesia circuit
– Protective cap fits over small male post
– Available in 5 sizes
– (2) 7’ length O2 hose provided
– J0299S Kit box comes in 4 non-selectable colors
*Red, Blue, Green, or Purple


Kit includes one each of the following masks:
Oxygen/Rescue Mask
1.63”H x 3.88”W (41.35mm x 98.65mm)

Oxygen/Rescue Mask
1.64”H x 1.79”W (41.75mm x 45.5mm)

Oxygen/Rescue Mask
2.98”H x 2.96”W (75.75mm x 75.20mm)

Oxygen/Rescue Mask
3.41”H x 3.15”W (86.69mm x 80mm)

Oxygen/Rescue Mask
4.56”H x 4.33”W (115.79mm x 110mm)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 in