Periodontal Ligament Knives


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These are periodontal ligament knives to aid in atraumatic extractions. The tip is thin and sharp to
minimize trauma. They are not dental elevators, and are sometimes referred to as luxators®. JorVet periodontal ligament knives are
not a product of Directa AB® of Sweden.

These slim line luxation elevators are excellent to help loosen teeth within the socket. They are extremely durable and have a variety
of concaved offset and straight tip head to aid in extraction.

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5mm – Curved Tip, 5mm – Straight Tip, 3mm – Curved Tip, 1mm – Straight Tip, 2mm – Curved Tip, 3mm – Straight Tip, 3mm – Contra Angle, Set of 4, Set of 8, 3mm – Inverted Offset Upward