Plate Holding and Drill Guide Forceps 3.5mm


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Temporary fixation of a bone plate at a fracture is an essential part of bone plating. Unfortu- nately there is an equal desire for the placement of bone reduction forceps and drill guides. The new range of JorVet bone holding/drill guide forceps attempts to address two of these requirements. All DCPs and many other plates are designed to hold and interact with spherical headed bone screws. This range of forceps has a spherical ball tip on one side of the jaw and a pointed tip on the other to allow the maximum range of positions for each forcep without compromising the reduced fracture. Incorporated into the ball tip is a drill guide of an appropriate size which just protrudes through the ball to engage in the bone under the plate. As pressure is applied the ball tip engages the edges of the plate hole producing a secure fix of the plate on the bone with a drill guide in situ, hands free ready for drilling. The pointed tip is offset relative to the drill guide to prevent contact between drill tip and forceps. Available for 1.5/2.0, 2.4/2.7 and 3.5 screws and plates.

Plate Holding and Drill Guide Forceps. 3.5mm

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