ProMate Cordless Dental Polisher Kit


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The ProMate™ CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece has been designed to provide the clinician with an ergonomic handpiece that delivers independence from heavy cord-drag, dual-mode speed control, and operator comfort during prophylaxis procedures. Pac-Dent’s cordless prophy handpiece provides the flexibility of using any preferred disposable prophy angles (DPA) on the market. The sterilizable outer sheath has been designed to be steam autoclavable in compliance with the CDC’s sterilization and infection control guidelines. A disposable polyethylene barrier is available to cover the handpiece.


– Cordless design eliminates drag and pulling and increases mobility
– 20% lighter than industry-leading low-speed handpieces
– Dual-mode speed control with 6-speed settings
– Ergonomic, quick-touch button and Bluetooth-powered foot pedal
– Use all your favorite disposable prophy angles
– Battery life lasts through a whole day’s worth of procedures

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 in