ProntoVet Wound Irrigation Gel 30ml


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JorVet is now offering a comprehensive range of wound care products which enables optimal wound management by supporting and accelerating endogenous healing. Products will focus on each type of wound at each phase of wound healing. By providing innovative solutions such as Prontosan wound irrigation solution, bacterial biofilm can be efficiently removed thereby clearing the way for application of advanced wound dressings. Prontosan is an exceptional wound irrigation solution that is one of the most widely used products in human health wound care.

The patented formula contains Polyhexanide and Betaine which penetrates bacterial biofilm, dissolving even chronic wound coatings gently and efficiently. It prevents bacterial and fungal growth while stimulating granulation and epithelization.

By first irrigating the wounds with ProntoVet irrigation solution then Prontogel it allows the following to occur:
– Reduction of bacterial bioharden in the wound bed
– Removal of necrotic tissue and slough
– Control of exudates
– Management of cellular dysfunction and biochemical imbalance

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