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With a Transparent Cone and Neck Restraint Flap To Visualize Mouth Teeth and Perform Clinical Procedures on Restrained but Relaxed Cats

Safety and Protection. The use of a nylon muzzle is a common everyday necessity in a veterinary practice. Feline Patients can be upset, frightened, and even vicious. However, standard nylon muzzles block access to the oral cavity; and cats are often able to remove them with their front legs. Most cat muzzles available today block the cat’s and the veterinarian’s vision; upset the cat, and provide little restraint.

The PURR-Muzzle® was developed by a practicing veterinarian to solve these problems. A restraint flap that wraps around the neck of the cat is available in 4 rather than 3 sizes. It is essential in keeping the see-through cone on the face and also works to relax most cats for minutes thereby allowing for clinical examination and procedures. The see-through cone allows one to examine the eyes such as pupillary response and by means of an opening in the mouth area allows one’s finger to pull the lips away so that the gums can be evaluated. The cone of the properly fitted muzzle will keep the mouth clinched while the patient’s gums and most teeth can be evaluated.

Velcro straps keep the cone placed firmly on the face while connected to the restraining flap that is around the neck.

– Assess parameters such as gum color and capillary refill

– Assess possible dental problems

– Give oral treatments such as emergency poisonings

– Restrain the cat patient

– Relax the cat patient

The Purr-Muzzle® was developed by a veterinarian. It’s acronym stands for the Perfected Utilization of Restraint and Relaxation.

Sizes given are recommendations only.

Size 4: Cats typically older than 1 1/2 years and big breeds (maine coon and hefty cats)

Patent:  US9155602 B1

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