Smart Cat Cape


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The Smart Cat Cape replaces using an “old” towel for ensuring that paws and claws are kept safely away from the handler. Made with Pro-Tex cut-resistant fabric on one side and soft poly-cotton on the other, the Smart Cat Cape offers outstanding levels of comfort to the cat and protection to the handler. Suitable for cats (exotics, wildlife, and other small scratching animals), the Smart Cat Cape may be used in preference to gloves or gauntlets. Shaped like a cape with a circular neckline, the Smart Cat Cape can be gently draped across the cat’s neck and back; the excess fabric can then be folded back over the cat’s shoulders with its limbs (paws and claws) tucked safely underneath. Alternatively, place under the chin – like a bib.

Pro-Tex cut-resistant outer fabric that offers protection against claws, tears, and blade cut penetration
Soft, poly-cotton inner lining (hair resistant)
Industry standard’s highest level of protection against blade cuts, abrasions, and tears
Machine washable and tumble dry

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 3 in