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SpacePlus Syringe Pump. A syringe pump provides for precise delivery of medications. It can be used for infusion therapy in very small patients. Performs with Terumo, Monoject, Omnifix and Becton Dickinson syringes. Made in Germany; JorVet offers service and repairs with factory certified technicians in the U.S.
• Auto syringe detection
• Syringe size
• Accuracy of delivery set points
• Easy to read with informative display
• Programmable flow rates
• Programmable infusion time
• Battery or AC powered
• Human-side FDA cleared for air and road transport mobile use
• Large drug library
• Long life Lithium-Ion battery
• MRI compatible
• Optional pole clamp
Dimensions (LxHxD): 10.4” x 2.76” x 6.67” Weight 4.20lbs
J1675pm SpacePlus IV Pole Mount

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