Spare parts for Ferromatic Automatic Syringe


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J0053fm18 Parts:


J0053fmd1 – Barrel frame
J0053fmd2 – Screw for front part
J0053fmd2m – Glass Barrel
J0053fmd4 – Piston Rod
J0053fmd5 – Compressing spring
J0053fmd6 – Dosing sheath
J0053fmd7 – Fixing nut
J0053fmd8 – Screw cap
J0053fmd9 – Piston
J0053fmd10 – Washer*
J0053fmd11 – Valve with washer*
J0053fmd12 – Valve spring*
J0053fmd13 – Front part luer lock
J0053fmd14 – Washer*
J0053fmd15 – Adaptor plastic bottles
J0053fmd16 – Washer
J0053fmd17 – Valve screw
J0053fmd18 – Fixing screw
J0053fmd19 – Closing cap
J0053fmd20 – Washer*
J0053fmd21  -Washer*
J0053fmd22 – Adaptor glass bottles
J0053fmd23 – Screw
J0053fmd24 – Rubber valve*
J0053fmd25 – Valve spring*
J0053fmd26 – Valve spring*
J0053fmd27 – Universal bottle holder
J0053fmd28 – Universal bottle adaptor 30mm
J0053fmd29 – Universal bottle adaptor 20mm
J0053fmd30 – Gasket

J0053fmd31 – Spare part set


NOTE: The following parts are shown on the parts diagram, but are not sold individually.
They must be purchased as part of a kit: J0053fmd31 (10 x 2, 11 x 2, 12 x 2, 14, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26).

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Glass Barrel, Universal Bottle Holder, Universal Bottle Adaptor 30mm, Universal Bottle Adaptor 20mm, Spare Part Set