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Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology. Simple Science for Patient Warming. Thermoflect is a simple solution for patient warming that utilizes NASA pioneered science instead of electricity. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects a patient’s own body heat, banking it while preventing convective heat loss (wind chill).
– Cost-effective and ultra light weight
– Trusted: part of the US military’s hypothermia prevention protocol.
– Standard of care: wide- pread growing use at human surgery centers across the country
– Credibility: numerous clinical trials and evaluations have shown benefits of Thermoflect. More information on these studies available at
– Professional appearance
Suggested Uses:
– Shock and trauma patients
– Pre and post operative/anesthesia/dentistry
Prewarming of patients before anesthesia induction and surgery prep is known as ‘banking heat’. Most veterinary procedures requiring anesthesia are under for 45 minutes. Thermoflect is a simple four layer construction designed to promote normothermia and help prevent hypothermia using the patient’s endogenous body heat.

Blanket, small 36″ x 40″, 5/bag.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
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