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The Icare® TONOVET Plus tonometer is intended for measuring IOP on animal patients by general veterinary practitioners, veterinary ophthalmologists and other veterinary medical personnel.

The TONOVET Plus tonometer is based on a rebound measuring principle, in which a light weight probe is used to make momentary contact with the cornea. The gentle measurement does not need any anesthetics and does not cause a corneal reflex in the majority of animals.  Icare® rebound tonometers are easy to use and they do not require maintenance calibration by the user.

The new Icare® TONOVET Plus is even easier to use than it’s successor. It features e.g. advanced user interface with clear, bigger display. Red/ green positioning lights help to find the correct angle and position to the middle of the cornea.  Automatic measuring sequence lets you choose if you want to take single readings or take all 6 measurements by one press only.

The TONOVET Plus has been used on all veterinary patients including equine and rabbit. The TONOVET Plus is easily calibrated with its own software – simply select dog, cat, rabbit or equine.

Why the TONOVET Plus?

– It is easy to use and fully automated
– Faster results
– More comfortable for the patient, no topical anesthetic – Positioning Indicator Lights
– Clear User Interface
– Automatic Measuring Option
– Higher accuracy at higher and lower IOP
– Two year warranty!
– In clinic training available
– Instructional DVD included
– Held upright in a natural, ergonomic position like an ophthalmoscope for optimal readings.
– FDA approved for human medical use (iCare model)


Weight: 140g (without batteries), 230g (with 4- AA batteries)
Power Supply: 4- AA non rechargeable batteries 1.5v alkaline LR6
Measurement Range: 10-60mmHg
Size: 24-29mm (W) x 35-95mm (H) x 215mm (L)
Accuracy: +/- 2.5 mmHG (10-30mmHg) and +/- 10% (>30-60mmHG)
Accuracy of display: 1mmHg
Display Unit: millimeter of Mercury (mmHg)
Repeatability (Coeffcient of Variation): <8% Padded storage case provided


Four Species:  DOG, CAT, RABBIT, HORSE

Proper training by a licensed veterinarian is highly advised before purchasing this product.

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3.5 in
Ophthalmic Instruments