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The use of tonometry to measure Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) is the only real tool for the screening of glaucoma in veterinary patients. IOP measurements are accomplished by using instruments called tonometers which measure IOP from the outside surface of the cornea.

Traditional tonometers like the Tonopen Vet measure by the “applanation” method. The instrument is repeatedly pushed against the cornea manually. The amount of force necessary to flatten the cornea is calibrated and an electronic read out is made in mm of Hg.

The TonoVet utilizes a newer technology called “rebound” tonometry. The portable hand held unit is about 1/4″ away from the cornea. At the push of a button, a tiny probe painlessly and rapidly reaches out and touches the cornea. Six rapid measurements are taken within seconds. Most of the time the animal will not even react and certainly no local anesthesia is required. An audible beep tells of a successful result, which is displayed digitally.

The TonoVet has been used on all veterinary patients including equine. The TonoVet is self-calibrating with its own software.

Why the TonoVet?

– It is easy to use and fully automated – Faster results

– More comfortable for the patient, no topical anesthetic – Higher accuracy at higher and lower IOP

– Longer warranty – 2 years – In clinic training available

– Held upright in a natural, ergonomic position like an – Instructional DVD included

opthalmoscope versus horizontally like a flashlight.


Weight: 155g (5oz) without batteries; 250g (8oz) with batteries

Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries (approx. 1,000 measurements per battery set) Measurement Range: 1-99 mm Hg

Size: 13-32mm W x 45-80mm D x 230mm L

Padded Storage Case Provided

Two year limited warranty


Probe Base Only


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