Top Line Otoscope Diagnostic Kit


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JorVet introduces the Top Line Otoscope Diagnostic test kit. This kit has a wide range of clinical diagnostic equipment in a nicely appointed storage case. The kit contains a number of ancillary items that usually must be purchased separately.

This set includes:
• Otoscope with 3 sizes of locking cones:
End size 4mm ID X 80mm Length
6mm ID X 80mm Length
6mm ID X 60mm Length
These sizes should suffice for examining ears on small to large patients. Complete with dedicated LED light handle.

• 6X magnification lens.
• Alligator forceps 5 ½”: Allows for quick removal of ear foreign bodies such as foxtails.
• Small duckbill speculum: Very useful for opening up areas such as the vagina, nasal or rectal openings. Attaches to otoscope head. Opens to 13mm width. Adjustable finger trigger allows opening to desired width.
• Uses “C” batteries (not included) on/off button on bottom of handle.
• Kit measurements: 9” L X 6.5” W X 2”H

Top Line Otoscope Diagnostic Kit

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Dimensions 9.25 × 7.5 × 2 in