TPLO Wire Guide and Reduction Forceps, Left


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Once the osteotomy has been performed and the proximal segment rotated it is essential that the construct is stabilised prior to plate application. As is often the case the ideal position for the initial, temporary, stabilisation and the semi-permanent wire are one and the same. The new TPLO reduction forceps are designed to stabilise and compress across the osteotomy site. At the tip is a wire guide tube which allows a stabilising wire to be driven across the osteotomy at exactly the correct position without skidding or slippage at start up. The action is spinlock allowing the surgeon full flexibility on positioning and compression. The forceps are handed and significantly cheaper when purchased as a set.

TPLO Wire Guide and Reduction Forceps Left 215mm

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Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 3 × 0.25 in
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Orthopedic Instruments

Bone Plate Side