Tru-Cuff Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Syringe


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Tru-Cuff The Affordable Inflation Syringe with a Cuff Pressure Indicator
Endotracheal tube cuff pressure has typically never been monitored or measured in veterinary anesthesia. Most veterinarians and veterinary technicians are not aware of the suggested correct cuff pressure. Numerous studies in human hospitals have shown that over 60% of cuffs are over inflated with an average of 2-3 times the recommended guideline. Most clinicians go by a sense of feel or look at the one-way valve air pouch. Now they can choose the right product for this long overlooked, but important aspect of anesthesia.
Why measure? The guideline for correct cuff pressure is 20-30cm H2O. Pressure above 30cm H2O will exceed the surrounding
tracheal blood supply pressure and constrict proper blood flow. Prolonged exposure to high pressure will cause post operative
coughing and soreness.
Instructions for Use:
• Attach the Tru-Cuff syringe to the endotracheal tube inflation valve.
• Inflate until the black line is in the green pressure

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