Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, Gallon


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For years, Jorgensen Labs has provided the highest quality and specialized instruments needed for the veterinary profession. Now JorVet introduces a premium line of Ultrasonic Cleaners (J0382a and J0382b) and Cleaning Solutions that keep your instruments spotless for a longer lasting performance.
What is ultrasonic cleaning and how does it work?
High frequency sound waves are used to produce more than 40,000 alternating high and low pressures per second. As these waves travel through a specially formulated cleaning solution, millions of microscopic bubbles form and violently implode. This process, known as cavitation, creates a scrubbing action capable of cleaning up to 16 times more efficiently than hand scrubbing. In minutes, all body fluids and foreign particles are removed, even from the tightest grooves, cracks and interior surfaces of the instrument being cleaned.
JorVet ultrasonic cleaning systems represent the most advanced technology in ultrasonic cleaning available today.

JorVet Concentrated Cleaning Solution is non-ammoniated. This concentrated solution is designed to dilute one part con- centrate to ten parts water. It is specially formulated to provide a mild yet effective solution for cleaning instruments. Properly used, it will easily remove blood and other body fluids for longer instrument life.

JorVet Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution. Gallon.

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