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Well known and documented technology that the “C” wavelength in the electromagnetic UV family has strong germicidal effects in destroying pathogenic organisms.

*Three cleaning cycle modes
*Visible numeric countdown for cleaning cycle
*Auto off feature when lid opens, pausing cycle actions
and UV emittance
*360° active cleaning area
*Sleek and stylish design (11.9” x 10.6” x 6”)
*Internal support rack (9” x 7.25” with 3.5” clearance)
*Affordable investment
*Ability to lock & secure device
*Inside mirror on top and bottom reflects light to both sides of objects

*Ideal for smaller medical equipment and mobile devices
*Convenient area to place devices for quick, yet effective ultraviolet disinfection
*Optimizes day-to-day workflow with an automatic means of self- disinfection
*Low cost of ownership to implement device that won’t impact efficiency
*Ability to lock and secure device



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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 20 in



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