V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer


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Air Plasma Sterilizer – The only low temperature sterilizer that utilizes proprietary Air Plasma Sterilization®. The Air Plasma Sterilizer uses just air and electricity to sterilize critical veterinary instruments. The proprietary Air Plasma Sterilization® process produces multiple reactive oxygen and nitrogen species from air that rapidly destroy microorganisms on instrument surfaces. The sterilant gases are converted back into harmless air once sterilization is complete
. Advantages: Sterilize Critical Instruments That Cannot Be Autoclaved • Medical grade metal and plastic instruments, surgical endoscopes, vessel sealers, etc. Eliminate Harmful Chemicals • No chemical consumables, environmentally friendly, and zero emissions. Reduce Operating Costs • No installation costs, low cost per cycle, low maintenance. Fast Turnaround Time • The 3-step cycle completes in just 4 hours.



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V10 Air Plasma