Vet-10 Urine Reagent Test Strips


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Urine Reagent Test Strips are the “dip and read” test that is an integral part of every urinalysis. The JorVet test strips match colors that most familiar to veterinarians and technicians. Color-coding located on side panel. Economically priced, up to 50 percent savings over competitor brands. 100/canister.

– Easy-to-use

– Clinically tested for accuracy

– Up to 2-year shelf life before opening

– Strips must be used within 90 days of opening bottle

Vet-10 Urine Reagent Test Strip. These urine test strips offer two major advantages:

– Veterinary specific: for urine specific gravity these strips allow values for what veterinary medicine requires

– Priced at considerable savings over other brands

These test strips are a high quality grade product made in the USA. The 10 colors on the strip are configured in the same order as the Ames Multistix-10 to avoid confusion and maintain continuity.

The expanded test strip now has the 10th test for leukocytes. 100 test strips per bottle.

The strips test for:

1. Nitrite

2. Urobilinogen 3. Protein

4. pH

5. Specific Gravity 6. Ketone

7. Bilirubin

8. Glucose

9. Blood

10. Leukocytes

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