Walkabout™ Stifle/Knee Brace


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Stabilize a dog or cat’s joint to offer support of sport injuries or arthritic joints issues.

These braces offer joint compression and stability to allow inflammation to be reduced. This will give the joint a chance to heal or improve.

The material is a quality black neoprene available for support in a wide range of joints and sizes.

A better accurate guide to sizing can be found on our website at www.JorVet.com. Also videos on how to put on the brace.

Stifle/Knee Brace. The 3.0 mm neoprene compression brace has been used to rehabilitate the knee joints on thousands of dogs and cats with minor to major joint issues – cranial cruciate ligament (ACL/CCL) tears, luxating patella, and arthritis. It benefits by keeping the pet’s joint compressed.


• Easy to take off and put on

• Two adjustable straps that fasten over the back for a comfortable fit

• Includes suspender – loops through the soft back straps. They can clip onto most standard chest halters for extra support

• U.S. Patent D799,757

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Left – 3X-Small – 5" L, Right – 3X-Small – 5" L, Left – 2X-Small – 5" L, Right – 2X-Small – 5" L, Left – X-Small – 6.5" L, Right – X-Small – 6.5" L, Left – Small – 7" L, Right – Small – 7" L, Left – Medium – 9.5" L, Right – Medium – 9.5" L, Left – Medium/Large – 10.5" L, Right – Medium/Large – 10.5" L, Left – Large – 10.5" L, Right – Large – 10.5" L, Left – X-Large – 12.5" L, Right – X-Large – 12.5" L, Left – Set of All 8, Right – Set of All 8